Our platform was built to be flexible and intuitive for developers like you. You own all the data you collect with Tradable Bits. Our API and SDK are designed to make it easy to access your fan data, tickets and campaigns at any time, on your terms. Customize the front end of any of your campaigns with the help of our documentation, complete with examples. Our RESTful API helps you access, send or receive fan data from our system to your endpoints quickly and securely. Enrich your Fan CRM and Tickets Analytics with data from other CRM systems through our many integrations. Have any questions about our developers platform? Our support team is happy to help.

Integration with Ticketing Platforms

As part of Tradable Bits Platform it's very important to bring in purchasing data to match it properly to social connections and affinity. Ticketing data can be brought in via both import and SFTP integration with Tradable Bits. Please contact us to setup SFTP integration. Table below explains the fields in the ticketing platform and their meaning.

ticket_key Unique Identifier for the purchase. Value can be alphanumeric and it must uniquely identify purchase. When used during import duplicate ticket_key values won't be allowed
customer_key Customer Key in Remote system
email Valid email of the purchaser
paid_amount Full Purchase Value of the purchase
num_seats Number of seats on the Purchase
first_name Purchaser First Name
last_name Purchaser Last Name
purchase_timestamp ISO8601 formatted purchase timestamp.
phone 10 digits phone number. Currently the data is accepted as is, however it may get formatted to be a valid number in the future
event_date Date of the game or the event. For the purposes of import date should be formatted ISO8601
event_name Name or characted identifier for the game or event.
event_key Unique identifier for the event. Value can be alphanumeric and must unique identify: venue, artist, event and date
artist_name Lead artist or team playing at the event. This value will be mapped to Idol(s) via cleansing interface for artist
venue_name Location Name. This value will be cleansed using venue cleansing interfce
price_code If the order has some form of price level or ticket associated, this field can be used to track it
province State or Province. If this field is specified and expected to be loaded, country becomes mandatory field as well
city City Name
country Full Name or 2 letter ISO code for the country
postal_code postal code or ZIP