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Who We Are + What We Value
Fan Based Marketing

We help music and sports brands know their fans so they can market smarter.

We built our platform for one purpose: to create the best fan experiences.

Music festivals, sports teams and promoters trust us to collect, analyze and activate their fan data at scale.

We're reshaping the way entertainment brands interact with their fans, helping our partners stay ahead of the industry.

If you're excited by personalized experiences that earn higher ROIs - join us.

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Our Mission

Build Better Fan Experiences

Our Values

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. Our enterprise partners trust us to manage and protect their fan data, especially at scale. Results are transparent, honest, and easy to understand.
We believe in open, flexible and honest systems that help our partners improve their fan experiences. We love new challenges and will quickly and happily solve any problem we face.
We're here to help our partners understand and optimize because we're all learning together. We're forging the path in fan-based marketing - constantly experimenting + improving as we go.
Although it may seem like we have a crystal ball of fan-based marketing - the truth is, together with our partners, we're deciding where the industry is going + building the necessary tech.
We're always collaborating. Our deliberately diverse team brings multiple perspectives and skillsets to our partners' internal teams, helping with everything from strategy to execution.

We support our local community

Beyond our 50% discount to non-profit organizations, we're constantly seeking ways to support worthy causes abroad and in our local community. When non-profits have access to the same powerful technology that supports Fortune 500 companies, they earn just as massive impact - but for the greater good

We sponsor many charitable events and fundraisers, including Bell Let's Talk, Clara's Big Ride, Autism Surf's Up, Make a Wish Foundation and many others.

We also partner with other Canadian technology companies like Eventbase to help prove that Canada is a powerful global force for innovation.

Want to get involved? Contact us.

Tradable Bits

Behind The Scenes

Understand Your Fan Base

Don’t let your fans be a mystery in your marketing. Uncover fan preferences to segment your fan base into intelligent audiences. Strategize year-after-year by using fan insights to plan line-ups, venues and partners.