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You may have thousands of social followers and fans in seats, but how well do you really know them? Convert anonymous users and attendees into first-party fan profiles so you can personalize your fan experience online and in-venue.

Connecting directly with fans on your terms helps you sell out your stadium, convert more partnerships and ultimately improve each fan’s relationship with your team.

First Party Fan Profiles

Collect first party fan data and track purchases, affinity, contact, demographics and social data all in one Fan CRM. Using machine learning, match fan profiles across data silos. Create unified profiles for each fan so you can personalize their experience online and in-venue.

Turnkey Sponsor Activations

Easily create co-branded digital activations that delight fans and partners alike. Engage fans and have partners fund your data collection with over 30 gamified mobile-first templates, including brackets, trivia and everything in between.

Integrated Fan AI

Combine demographics, affinity, and purchase behaviour from social login, POS, ticketing and your data warehouse into a real-time 360 fan view - all powered by AI. Activate your fan insights to improve your emails, ads, website, mobile app and in-venue experience.

In-Venue Experiences

Understand who’s in your venue with branded, captive WiFi portals powered by Facebook and Spotify social login. Engage stadium guests with real-time social posts displays or interactive augmented reality filters on your jumbotrons.

Intelligent Ad Audiences

Sell out your stadium to new and existing fans through personalized advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google and Spotify - all in-house. Use machine learning to identify your best fans in real time, guiding them from first time buyer to lifelong season ticket holder.
James Slagle
Director of Marketing, Florida Gators

"Our cost per lead was less that 25 cents which was just unbelievable. We've gained a ton of new insight into who our fans are, so we can now give them content they really want."
Dewayne Hankins
Chief Marketing Officer, Portland Trail Blazers

"Personalizing the customer experience has become a central tenet of our marketing platform and Tradable Bits is a great partner at helping us deliver on this promise."
Andi Perelman
Director of New Media, Pittsburgh Penguins

"The campaign has been a success from front to end. PittComm and the Penguins Foundation provided such a generous prize that is going to make a huge difference in the community. We wouldn’t have been able to make it happen without the fans’ passion for the game and the video contesting tool from Tradable Bits. It came together perfectly."

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