Last Revision: May 14, 2021

TradableBits Media Inc.: Tradable Bits products Terms of Service

TradableBits Media Inc. Terms of Service & Terms of Use

TradableBits Media Inc ("Tradable Bits"), a corporation governed by the laws of British Columbia, makes available the Tradable Bits Solution, a service provided by Tradable Bits via the website located at that allows registered users to ( i ) manage, review and edit Personal Information hosted and available for access on the Tradable Bits Solution; ( ii ) review and manage public social media content obtained from supported platforms relation to such users brand in one place; and ( iii ) manage marketing and advertising activities.
Access to the Tradable Bits Solution is restricted to Authorized Users of Companies that have entered into a Master Service Agreement ("Agreement") with Tradable Bits. Authorized Users will be governed by the terms and conditions outlined in the Agreement.