Our platform was built to be flexible and intuitive for developers like you. You own all the data you collect with Tradable Bits. Our API and SDK are designed to make it easy to access your fan data, tickets and campaigns at any time, on your terms. Customize the front end of any of your campaigns with the help of our documentation, complete with examples. Our RESTful API helps you access, send or receive fan data from our system to your endpoints quickly and securely. Enrich your Fan CRM and Tickets Analytics with data from other CRM systems through our many integrations. Have any questions about our developers platform? Our support team is happy to help.

Tradable Bits and Permissions

In order for our clients to create contests and ad audiences, we integrate with their Facebook Page and ad accounts. This allows them to use our tools to connect with fans, create live audiences and track conversions on and offline. Here is a detailed outline of the necessary permissions our system requires for our clients to use our platform.

Tradable Bits Administrator User Permissions

When you create your account on Tradable Bits, you are invited to connect your Facebook account. The authentication requests several permissions that will allow you to use various tools on our platform, such as requesting connections to your Facebook Pages, Meta Ad Accounts and Meta Messenger Bots. Although technically you can bypass the request, if you do not accept it you won't be able to create anything on the platform associated with your Meta properties, thus rendering the platform ineffective. Here is a detailed list of the permissions you authenticate:

ads_management - This permission is essential for any integration with Meta Ads. The system requires this permission to associate your Ad Account with your Tradable Bits Account. It's also used to fetch and render Meta Ad Stats and to create and update: Campaigns, AdSets, Ads, and Custom Audiences.

instagram_basic - This Permission is used for Stream, where you wish to pull Instagram posts associated with your brand. It is also used in ads when you want to target followers of your Instagram accounts.

instagram_manage_comments - This Permission is used for Stream, where you wish to pull Instagram comments on your brand's posts.

Integration with Tradable Bits Business Manager

To track offline conversions, our system must integrate with your Meta ad account and Facebook Page via Business Manager to create and manage datasets. These are the following permissions we request to calculate and present conversion stats on your ads:

Meta Ad Account - Having "Advertiser" access to your Ad Account allows our system to properly associate Offline Datasets and push offline purchases to correctly calculate and present conversions

Facebook Page - This grant is required only when we provide managed services and help with execution of ad campaigns.

Meta App - This grant is required, when we help with branded authentication and custom development projects.