Our platform was built to be flexible and intuitive for developers like you. You own all the data you collect with Tradable Bits. Our API and SDK are designed to make it easy to access your fan data, tickets and campaigns at any time, on your terms. Customize the front end of any of your campaigns with the help of our documentation, complete with examples. Our RESTful API helps you access, send or receive fan data from our system to your endpoints quickly and securely. Enrich your Fan CRM and Tickets Analytics with data from other CRM systems through our many integrations. Have any questions about our developers platform? Our support team is happy to help.

App Listeners

Sometimes you want to be able to interact with the platform, but are unable to connect with API or Webhooks. Thankfully, we provide ways to interact directly with events and activities on our platform. Setting up a listener will allow you to directly get a response from the system, and the sections below describe what sort of response can be expected in different scenarios.

Events which can be listened to:

Submit Campaign Form

Every campaign requires the user to submit a form with fields chosen by the designer of the campaign.

The data in the form as well as activity specific data will be sent back in the response.

The response payload of this event is as follows:
  • A header called x-tbits-server-response which will have the value activity.
  • The Content-Type of the response will be application/json
  • A field called activity_duration_ms which will list the time the campaign took to complete in milliseconds when available. For campaigns that do not support time tracking this field will be blank.
  • A field called activity_id which will list the ID associated with this activity.
  • A field called fan_id which will list the ID associated with the fan.
  • A field called fan_id which will list the ID associated with the fan.
  • A field called entry_form which will be the data submitted in entry form, encoded as application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
  • Additional campaign specific fields may also be present in addition to those listed above.