Our platform was built to be flexible and intuitive for developers like you. You own all the data you collect with Tradable Bits. Our API and SDK are designed to make it easy to access your fan data, tickets and campaigns at any time, on your terms. Customize the front end of any of your campaigns with the help of our documentation, complete with examples. Our RESTful API helps you access, send or receive fan data from our system to your endpoints quickly and securely. Enrich your Fan CRM and Tickets Analytics with data from other CRM systems through our many integrations. Have any questions about our developers platform? Our support team is happy to help.

Tradable Bits Server API

Most of CRM Data can be accessed with our HTTP based API. Calls operate using JSON data format and can be called with appropriate API Key. System recognises two form of keys: Public and Secret API Keys. Public is meant to be shared and used in insecure environment and Secret key is reserved for server-to-server communications and must be kept private. You can manage key under profile section once you log into Tradable Bits.

This Call Requires api_secret as additional parameter
Calls with Lock icon are meant for data exchange or called from the server side. Each call must include api_secret as either GET or POST parameter
This Call Requires api_key as additional parameter
Calls with UnLock icon are meant to be integrated into mobile or web applications and require api_key as additional parameter for all requests

API Console

API Access allows you to query Stream and user data using RESTful API, as well as register for push notification from our CRM system. API Reference is broken into sections by topic: Facebook Apps (Campaigns) Data, Stream Data, CRM Data.

Each Request must include api_key as parameter. You can generate an API key in the Manage Centre.
You may try most of our API calls here. Your API Key will be automatically appended if available.

Add Argument