The Tradable Bits Platform
An all-in-one ecosystem to manage every aspect of your fan-marketing efforts
Engage Audience

Interactive Livestreaming
Engagement Campaigns
User Generated Content
Know Your Fans

Sales Tracking
Channel Attribution
Affinity Tracking
Market Smarter

Smart Advertising Across Digital Networks
Email Marketing Endpoints
SMS and Browser Notifications

Collect First-Party Data

Engage Your Fans

Curate unique digital experiences and own your fan network
Interactive Livestreaming
  • Get fans involved in your livestream using interactive overlays
  • Integrate with leading ticketing partners such as Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, Universe and FrontGate Tickets
  • Increase conversions using in-stream merch opportunities
  • Activate partnerships using new digital assets
  • Tag every interaction to understand your fans better

Curate unique digital experiences and own your fan network and understand fans’ listening behavior using digital assets
Engagement Campaigns
  • Launch in Minutes
  • Collect First-Party Fan Data
  • Activate partnerships using new digital assets
  • Run campaigns across multiple social networks, in multiple languages

Collect and display user generated content from fans on your network
User Generated Content
  • Gather fan-generated content across different platforms
  • Push curated feeds real-time to websites, microsites or live displays

Intelligent Audiences & Segmentation

Know Your Fans

Example of first-party fan data collected by Fan CRM
  • Generate a single fan view to analyze behavior & characteristics of each fan in your database
  • Build dynamic audiences for advertising and marketing communication
  • Track fan interactions across all your marketing initiatives

Eventbrite, Ticketmaster and Shopify logos
Sales Tracking
  • Integrate real-time with leading merch and ticketing partners, such as Shopify, Ticketmaster, Universe and FrontGate Tickets
  • Tag fans in your database with purchasing information to analyze purchase history

Monitor clicks across multiple channels
Channel Attribution
  • Track effectiveness of every link used on your marketing channels
  • Trace anonymous clicks to fans identified within your database
  • Create branded short links
Understand fans’ listening behavior
Affinity Tracking
  • Understand your fans’ preferences across multiple networks
  • Integrate with Spotify to understand fans’ music taste

Automate Your Workflows

Market Smarter

Hyper targeted automated advertising for Facebook and Omni-channel advertising to increase ticket sales
Smart Advertising Across Digital Networks
  • Run advertising campaigns across all major social networks natively through the platform
  • Build dynamic audiences based on pre-established filters
  • Automatically remove fans post conversion

Oracle, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign and Salesforce logos
Email Marketing Endpoints
  • Integrate with major email partners, such as Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign and more
  • Build intelligent & dynamic audiences to optimize marketing communication

Automate marketing communication and reach fans in new ways
SMS & Browser Notifications
  • Notify fans through new mediums to increase conversion
  • Track Incoming messages and attribute to fans in your database

Strategize For Tomorrow


Demographic breakdown of fans in your Fan CRM and increase ROI with better advertising
Measure What Matters
  • Oversee performance at a glance through intuitive dashboards
  • Easily create and share reports with relevant stakeholders
  • Quantify exact ROI, CPA and attribution of advertising campaigns real-time
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