Social Media Solutions for Tourism & Hospitality

Attract more guests with authentic moments

Capture real-time experiences at your destination and entice more visitors with FOMO-inducing social influence.

Sharing is the new experiencing

From postcards to Instagram posts - recording your travels and sharing them with friends and family is an essential part of experiencing a new place.

Our clients capture every "I was here" in real time and use these memories to attract more visitors.

These leaders in tourism not only collect every mention of their destination; they showcase the best visitor memories on their websites & social signage.

And with Tradable Bits, so can you.

70% of travelers update Facebook
and instagram while on vacation.

Curated Destination Displays

Showcase your attractions with visual, real-time displays of guest experiences at your destination.

Entice tourists with authentic, fresh content on your website, digital signage and social profiles.

Authentic Advertising

Travellers rely on their friends to discover new places to visit. Use happy fans to attract more.

Pair free, organic praise about your destination with paid ads to increase your conversion rate.

Real-Time Reviews

Capture awesome experiences as they happen on every social network. Curate the highlights to support your own brand story and messaging.

Reward your most enthusiastic guests by automatically acknowledging their praise online.

Easy Organic Contests

Create ongoing relationships with your visitors through engaging campaigns and contents.

Set up a live feed, campaign or landing page in minutes with our 28+ mobile-first templates.

Fresh, Friendly Conversations

Create better one-on-one guest experiences. Easily respond to feedback on every network.

Identify unhappy, vocal customers immediately and resolve their problem before it catches fire.

Tempt tourists with FOMO today

Harness the power of authentic social stories. Discover your influencers, loyal guests and best moments all from a single, simple dashboard.

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