Stream UGC Aggregator

Collect, sort and display rights-granted user-generated content from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and all other major networks.
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Collect Fan Content
See and store what fans say about your brand on every major social network. Aggregate and analyze posts by mention, hashtag, keyword and location, all in one Stream dashboard.
Manage Media Rights
Automatically request permission to repurpose fan content and easily track the status of your requests. Easily thank fans for leaving positive reviews or sharing their experiences, at scale.
Automate Moderation
Create sophisticated rules for moderating and sorting user-generated content by keyword, user, and more. Automatically detect and ban trolls. Supplement smart rules with manual moderation.
Create Social Displays
Showcase your best fan photos, videos and posts on your mobile app, website or large display. Customize 20+ pre-built templates to create the perfect social display for your event or venue.
Host Easy UGC Contests
Easily run a cross-network fan photo or video contest that uses social media posts as entries. Collect fan data and contact information from everyone who votes on entries in your contest.
Report on Engagement
Find top influencers, most active fans and relevant organic hashtags all in one dashboard. Track participation and sentiment over time with easy-to-understand, shareable, real-time reports.
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