Social Login

Manage fan identities and personalize your fan experience across devices and assets with our simple social login plugin.
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Create Secure Connections
Securely manage fan credentials and personal information across networks with our certified safe social login plugin. Adhere to international privacy standards, including TLS 1.2 and OAuth.
Manage Dynamic Fan Identities
Keep your fan profiles always up to date with cross-device and cross-network authentication, all unified under a single fan profile. Stop chasing social network APIs and let us update for you.
Improve Your Registration Rate
Easily configure and implement a fully branded social login plugin that eases registration on your app or website by eliminating difficult-to-remember passwords, while maintaining security.
Personalize Your Fan Experience
Use the fan data you collect to customize your fan experience on your website, mobile app or in-venue. Increase fan loyalty with catered results, saved credentials and seamless fan profiles.
Supported Connection Networks
Browse our detailed SDK, API and CSS documentation on our developers platform.

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