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Personalize your advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify and Display with dynamic audiences + optimize for ROI.
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Generate Dynamic Audiences
Make your ads as dynamic as the fans you’re targeting. Automatically adjust your targeting as fans interact, buy or become disengaged. Target based on affinity, demographics and behaviour.
Easily Configure Complex Campaigns
Plan and configure campaigns with multiple ad sets and a variety of ad creative with our simplified fool-proof planning interface that uploads your finalized plan directly to Facebook.
Report ROI, CPA + Attribution
Go beyond CPM and CPC reporting and quantify exact return on investment, cost per acquisition, social rate and attribution in real-time. Easily share reports with stakeholders.
Get Help with Optimization
Need help with your fan-based advertising? We offer an optimization service that helps you identify the best strategies for targeting your particular fan base and earn the best possible ROI.
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