Interactive Live Broadcast

Using FanXP, provide fans with a personalized interactive second screen experience all while collecting unique data and insights and extending the venue in the process
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Gated livestreaming for fans
Own the fan journey on your network
House your live stream on a gated microsite and drive traffic to your own platform, as opposed to traditional social media platforms. Access can be gated using integrations with our ticketing partners such as Ticketmaster, Front Gate Tickets, EventBrite and more. Control your fans’ journey from the point of entry to the feeds that you wish to provide access to.
Custom Fan interactions in broadcasted livestream
Deliver Unique Fan Experiences
Leverage the power of two-way interactions to get fans more involved in the action, and build highly engaged fan communities. Create special experiences for VIP fans and allow them to take control of their own broadcast experience. Extend the venue to fans and allow them to get involved, from the comfort of their own homes.
Global and private chat to build fan community
Build Your Community
Foster your fan community using global and private chat rooms built for fan interests. Enable fans to meet with like-minded viewers from across the world and form exciting new connections.
Up-sell merchandise in-platform of livestream
Merch Opportunities
Leverage the highly engaged community built to upsell merchandise and attribute each conversion to a specific viewing fan using our Shopify integration. Save significant advertising spend by pushing the messaging directly to your core fanbase.
Own Fan data of fans engaging with livestream
Collect Fan Data
Learn more about your fans every time they interact with your broadcast, by tagging each interaction. By hosting the broadcast on your own site, you own all the data and have visibility on every single fan that engages with your broadcast.
Customizable livestream broadcast and easy to use producer dashboard
Customize and Control your Broadcast
Control your broadcast with an easy-to-use producer dashboard and customize the experience being delivered. Deliver pre-recorded content live, if needed. Production can be done using our turnkey product, or leverage the experience of our team to help with production.
Partner/Sponsor fulfillment with new digital assets
Partnership Potential
Increase number of assets available to sell to partners, by including collateral within the broadcast, as well as by providing customized reporting on demographic and psychographic information of engaged audience.
Customizable landing page to purchase tickets for events
Customizable Event Landing Page
Build out a customizable event scheduler in-platform. Highlight your upcoming streams to fans on a beautiful, centralized page where they can purchase tickets and stay informed.

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