Fan Affinity

Analyze your big interest data from social to uncover fan affinity towards your Idols (sponsors, brands, artists, teams or athletes).
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Analyze Multi-Network Fan Interests
Chart your fans’ affinity towards sponsors, artists, teams or athletes based on interests data pulled from multiple social networks, updating your insights as fans’ interests continually evolve.
Create Live Listening Audiences
Collect and activate only the most up-to-date, relevant interests data. Segment your fans into live audiences for email and ads based on their current listening and engagement behaviour.
Discover Related Artists
Reveal up-and-coming artists or athletes before they gain popularity by analyzing live listening and engagement behaviour from fans to reveal new Idols with the same fans as your top Idols.
Personalize Your Fan Experience
Cater your ads, emails, website and app offerings to suit your individual fan interests automatically. Improve fan loyalty by forming deeper connections through relevant content.

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