Collect, integrate and activate your most recent and relevant fan data into unified cross-platform fan profiles with our AI-powered Fan CRM.
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Collect Actionable Fan Data
Learn more about your fans every time they interact with you. Compile recent and relevant fan profiles that provide a complete customer view for every fan - from new leads to top influencers.
Rank + Understand Fans with AI
Go beyond basic contact information and demographics to understand fan affinity, emotional intent and how your fans are interrelated. Use machine learning to find your most profitable fans.
Create Intelligent Audiences
Update your email and digital ad audiences as your fans constantly evolve. Use AI to find the freshest new leads in friends of your top fans, and automatically remove fans from targets once they buy.
Personalize Fan Experiences
Activate your fan data to create more personalized fan experiences. Present fans with customized lineups, schedules and activations that cater to their present needs and interests.
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