Fan Chatbots

Automate 24/7 engagement with a branded Facebook Messenger chatbot, powered with conversational AI, quick replies + rich media.
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Build Fan Relationships
Collect valuable fan data in natural conversation powered by social login and conversational AI. Learn about fan affinity, contact information, and purchasing intent without cumbersome forms.
Supplement Customer Service
Engage fans 24/7 with instantaneous response times. Train your bot to answer frequently asked questions, direct fans to ticketing pages and seamlessly transfer to and from live support staff.
Craft Branded Story Flows
Use GIFs, videos, images, text and quick replies to take fans on a journey through your chatbot. Create games for fans to play that entertain and educate while earning you valuable fan data.
Transfer Seamlessly to Slack
When conversation evolves to needing human intervention, easily transfer the chat to a live support staff on Slack, whose replies will appear within Messenger for a seamless experience.

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