Challenge fans to vote on one or more categories of items for a chance to win.
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Campaign Description
Vote is an exciting campaign where fans can vote on entries provided by your brand. Entries can be segmented into different categories to organize the campaign and allow fans to easily navigate through them. Choose exactly how many options you want fans to be able to select to create a multi-vote campaign or simply allow fans to choose one entry overall. Fans can rally their friends around their votes, increasing engagement and organic reach.
  • Increase engagement by encouraging fans to rally together to vote for their favourite entries
  • Personalize your fans’ experience by segmenting them based on their choices
  • Custom form fields give you complete control over the information you collect

New Template! Contest Idea:
Get your fans more excited about your draft by having them guess who you think will (or should) be drafted. You’ll gain insights into the players your fans love most and get them excited for the upcoming season. Bonus: Link to your season tickets page to gain sales too!

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