Tug of War

Encourage fans to rally for their favourite opponent in a two-sided voting battle.
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Campaign Description
Tug of War is a simple campaign where fans vote on two visual options - products, teams, personalities and more. Engagement is simple and barrier-free, thus making this campaign one of our most popular. Not only is it fun to watch fans compete, you can reverse engineer your campaign concept to divide your fans into any segments you wish. Using this data to your advantage, you can improve ad conversion rates and email open rates by personalizing your marketing to your audience segments.
  • Collect fan information and increase shares by inspiring friendly competition
  • Real time results pressure fans to rally their friends, increasing organic reach on multiple social networks
  • Auto-tag fans based on their selection, easily splitting your fans into audience segments by interest

Real Life Example:
IIHF: WHO WILL WIN? Vote for Team Japan or Team Sweden!
To promote women’s ice hockey at the Olympics, the IIHF ran a series of Tug of War campaigns to collect fan data and join the online excitement around the Winter Olympics. They only ran the campaign for 3 hours leading up to the game and received over 1,000 views.


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