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Key Features

Campaign Description
Coupon is an automatic digital coupon generator that creates unique coupons for your fans after they authenticate. Easily printable, fans can download and bring your coupon to a physical store to redeem or use a predefined promo code to claim it online. Keep track of how many coupons have been downloaded and never exceed your limit. Collect fan information every time a fan claims your coupon so you can improve your future retargeting around that particular product
  • Generate an easily downloadable, printable coupon for your products and services
  • Control exactly how many fans claim your coupon and incentivize quick sharing
  • Collect emails and information about the fans that claim your coupon to gain a better understanding of your customers

Real Life Example:
Outside Lands: Holiday Merchandise Codes
Outside Lands promoted merchandise sales by running a discount coupon campaign leading up to the holidays. It was a great way to draw attention to both the festival and their awesome merch that earned over 600 claimed coupons.



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