Increase brand credibility by publishing fan reviews of your products or services.
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Campaign Description
Review is a simple widget that allows fans to submit one to five-star reviews of your products or services with additional comments. You can completely moderate all reviews so that no negative feedback appears on your Facebook Page or website. Publishing reviews increases your brand credibility and makes it easy for fans to give you kudos for excellent service or products they love. Since you collect contact information when they submit, you can incentivize fans to review.
  • Gain brand credibility by asking fans to review your products or services
  • 5-Star Rating system makes it easy for fans to quickly assess but still add comments
  • Easily view and export all feedback, while controlling which reviews are published publicly on your website or Facebook Page

Campaign Idea:
Review To Win Mail Inserts
Expected outcome: Increased sales by repeat customers and more credibility to to attract new clients.
Idea: When shipping a package to your customers, include an insert with a trackable link that tells them that if they review the product they just received online, they will receive a coupon code for free shipping.
Bonus points: Make sure you still give your discount to negative reviewers - just because you don’t publish their review doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable feedback!

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