Quiz your fans on their knowledge of your brand, products or services.
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Campaign Description
Quiz Plus is a multi-question test you can challenge fans to answer correctly. After fans submit their guesses and personal information, they are presented with a “pass” or “fail” result, with their score shown either in points or percentages. Fans can easily share their results with friends on any of the major social networks. Quiz Plus is completely optimized for mobile, so fans can participate on any device they choose.
  • Quiz your fans with a multi-question test about your brand, products or services
  • Display fan scores as soon as they submit, in either points or percentage results
  • Collect verified fan emails and other personal information as they submit

Real Life Example:
Cavendish Beach Music Festival: National Donair Day Quiz
Cavendish Beach partnered with the sponsor Mr Donair for National Donair Day to create a fun and quirky quiz for their fans. With almost 3,000 entries and almost 300 shares the campaign garnered a large amount of organic reach from its unique concept.



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