Ask fans a skill testing question about your brand.
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Campaign Description
Question is an easy way for you to ask your fans one right-or-wrong answer question on your Facebook Page, website or blog. Question is similar to Poll, but where there are correct and incorrect responses. You can provide a single choice or multiple choice answer, but you can only have one question. After submitting their information and guess, fans are instantly presented with results that they can share with friends.
  • Test your fans’ knowledge of your product, brand or service with a skill-testing question
  • Immediately show your fans their result after they participate, providing instant feedback
  • Effortlessly track and export the fan results as an excel spreadsheet or visual stats report

Real Life Example:
Washington Redskins Women's Club
Through a series of weekly knowledge-testing questions, the Washington Redskins Women’s Club collected personal, contact and demographic information about their fans - which helped them personalize fan communications.

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