Lineup Predictor

Challenge fans and their friends to predict your lineup for a chance to win.
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Campaign Description
Lineup Predictor is a viral affinity campaign that challenges friend groups to guess your lineup before it launches. Fans can vote for who they think will be on your lineup and encourage their friends to join their “team” so that everyone wins if one guesses right. Whoever guesses the most correct Idols the fastest receives the most points and thus wins. This campaign helps you collect valuable affinity data and build hype around your lineup release.
  • Earn valuable insights into your fans’ idols based on their choices
  • Incentivize fans to enter by creating teams and allowing them to link their friends to their team
  • Swiping left or right to vote is an intuitive, familiar experience on mobile

Real Life Example:
Okeechobee Music + Arts Festival - Charting Artist Affinity with Lineup Predictor
Okeechobee Festival created a new type of Spotify contest that invited fans to predict their lineup, earning 3000+ fan profiles and 7X ROI without even promoting ticket sales.



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