Gain valuable feedback and insight about your brand from your fans.
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Campaign Description
Poll is a simple way to ask your fans for feedback on a particular subject, issue or product. After giving you their verified contact information through social login, fans can submit their opinion either through single or multiple choice. Once they’ve voted, they see what everyone else has submitted and are invited to share the Poll. You can easily track and export results of your Poll either through a visual report or an excel sheet.
  • Easily survey your following by asking about events, news or your products
  • Effortlessly export your poll results as an excel spreadsheet or as a prebuilt report
  • Instantly show participants how other fans have voted, increasing interest and shares

Real Life Example:
McDonalds + Portland Timbers
Through a series of weekly polls, the Portland Timbers not only kept fans engaged throughout the season, but also provided their sponsor McDonalds with verified contact information that they can use to personalize promotions.

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