Photo Poll

Upload photos from your Facebook Albums and have fans compete for their favourite.
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Campaign Description
Photo Poll is a simple-to-setup campaign that pulls your Facebook Albums into a mobile-friendly microsite where fans can vote for their favourites. Automatically detect cheaters using social login, which collects verified personal information from fans as they vote. Ensure you’re abiding by Facebook Terms by not using likes as a vote mechanism - instead, instantly import your Facebook Photos into Photo Poll to engage fans.
  • Increase engagement with your Facebook Albums by enabling fans to vote on them
  • Publish poll results on your website, Facebook Page or mobile-friendly microsite
  • Allow daily votes to encourage fans to return to your contest again and again

Real Life Example:
Ole Miss Fan of the Year
Ole Miss polled their fans to find out which player they should feature on their upcoming stadium banners. This gave fans direct influence over what they would see at games and gave them a vested interest in the outcome. Rally your fans around their favourite Idols with your own photo poll, and gain insight into who they like so you can personalize your ads.

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