Photo Frame

Let fans decorate their own photos with your brand and share them on social media.
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Campaign Description
Photo Frame is an interactive campaign where fans can decorate their own photos with your branded frames, filters and stickers. Present fans with a number of frames to choose from, let them easily edit themselves into various backgrounds and finally decorate their creation with resizable branded stickers. Fans can share their creations with their friends, earning you organic brand awareness.
  • Turn fans into advocates by branding the photo frame
  • Increase viral awareness by turning fans’ social media into virtual billboards
  • Gain insight into fans’ visual preferences based on the frames they choose

New Template! Contest Idea:
Create a branded photo frame and provide background images for fans to choose from. If you’re a festival you can focus on the main stages so fans can imagine themselves on stage. For sports, let fans see themselves on the field/court/ice with images of your arena or let them hang out with players in the picture. Create stickers that fans can resize and add to their masterpieces.

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