Image Trivia

Challenge fans to identify the mystery image before the time runs out.
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Campaign Description
Image Trivia is a fast paced game designed to excite fans with friendly competition. As the timer ticks down, the images you upload become clearer and clearer to fans who are trying to guess who or what's in the photo. Reveal your lineup, challenge fans to identify album artwork and more. Fans encourage their friends to try after seeing their placement on the leaderboard.
  • Challenge fans to guess the image as fast as possible as it comes into focus
  • Provide immediate feedback by showing fans where they rank in the leaderboard
  • Collect verified fan emails and other valuable fan data as they submit

New Template! Contest Idea:
Announce your lineup via this hyper engaging quiz, where fans can guess the artist as their profile images become more and more clear. Fans will challenge their friends to guess the lineup the fastest and see their results on the leaderboard.

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