Give fans a free download in exchange for their email and other contact info.
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Key Features

Campaign Description
Download is a simple microsite or responsive embed where fans can exchange their basic Facebook information for a free download of a file you provide. Easily upload a song, video, PDF, image or program and let your fans download it from your Facebook Page, website or our mobile-optimized microsite link. Clients often pair a Download with an Entry Form or Promo, so that their fans must fill out a form before gaining access to the Download and your special file.
  • Effortlessly give away a song, photo, eBook or any other file you choose to share
  • Receive fans’ emails and other profile information when they download your file
  • Record and export results for exactly who downloaded or shared your free file

Real Life Example:
International Ice Hockey Federation: IIHF Schedule
The IIHF helped their fans quickly download their tournament schedule on any device, while earning valuable insights about fans planning to attend.

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