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Turn fans into advocates by giving them branded cover photos to upload.
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Campaign Description
Cover Photo helps your fans promote your cause or their passion for your brand by providing them premade cover photos to easily upload to Facebook. You provide the cover photos and pre-write the description, and all fans have to do is select their favourite and click “Upload”. Since cover photo changes rank highly in News Feed, this is an easy way to gain tons of awareness with very little effort for your fans.
  • Turn fans into advocates by providing branded Facebook cover photos to upload
  • Increase viral awareness by turning fans’ Facebook Timelines into virtual billboards
  • Choose what copy and links you want to include automatically in their description.

Real Life Example:
Theatre Under the Stars - Cover Photo Contest
TUTS designed beautiful conceptual graphics for each of the upcoming shows and asked fans to choose their favourite and upload it as their cover photo to help promote the production. Since Cover Photo updates rank so highly in Facebook News Feed, this resulted in huge organic awareness for TUTS in mere hours. Friends of fans could even find information about showtimes, tickets and more right from their friends’ profile.

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