Photo Contest

Assemble fan photos and go viral as fans vote for their favourite.
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Campaign Description
Engage fans in a user-generated photo contest, with or without voting. Invite fans to submit photos through a direct-to-contest upload with custom form fields, so you can collect fan information as well as entries. Schedule entry acceptance and voting periods separately, so you can re-engage fans over time. Optimized for mobile, voting is easy on any device. Promote with a customizable microsite URL or embed your contest into your website - no coding required.
  • Collect fan photos and choose which are eligible to compete for your prize
  • Collect verified participant emails and personal information when they enter
  • Encourage fans to vote for their favourite entries and rally their friends to support

Real Life Example:
Okeechobee Everywhere VIP Contest
Okeechobee invited their fans to share their images and stories from previous festivals for a chance to win VIP passes. They gained a ton of amazing stories and user-generated images from verified fan profiles to use to showcase the Okee-experience to potential new fans.



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