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Reward fans for voting and collect registrations as you poll.
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Campaign Description
Contact Poll is a visual voting contest where fans select their favourite of several poll options, and then are presented with a custom registration form after voting. This allows you to offer an incentive to participate, such as a prize or exclusive discount. Custom form fields allow you to collect highly specific personal information from your fans after they vote, while still providing them a simple call to action to participate.
  • Incentivize fans to vote by offering a prize and collect registrations as you poll
  • Custom form fields give you complete control over the information you collect
  • Entice fans to participate with visual poll options and real-time public voting results

Real Life Example:
Flight Centre - Choose Your Cruise
Flight Centre engaged their fans in a simple “Choose Your Cruise” poll, where they selected which type of cruise they wanted to win. After making a selection, fans filled out a custom registration form that provided Flight Centre the information they needed to personalize their future offers.

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