Create and display a product catalog on any mobile, browser or Facebook Page.
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Campaign Description
Catalog is a simple, mobile-friendly collection of images, text descriptions and links organized in a hierarchy. Easily showcase your products, services or events in a responsive, sharable microsite without any coding. Effortlessly and neatly embed your listings on your website or Facebook Page to drive leads and increase sales. Catalog’s multi-tiered organization structure lets you categorize products with a simple drag-and-drop.
  • Showcase your products and services in a simple, enticing and organized catalog
  • Organize your products or services into categories, themes or price ranges
  • Provide downloadable files or a link to your e-commerce website for each product

Real Life Example:
USA National Parks: Passport to Your National Parks Program Catalog
Not-for-profit Eastern National promotes visitation to America’s 59 national parks with their “Passport to Your National Parks” program. Using Catalog, they’re able to promote attractions at every park, provide downloads of important documentation and inspire tourists with beautiful photos - all on one mobile-friendly, customizable catalog that they can embed on their Facebook Page.

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