Calendar Quiz

Challenge fans with a calendar of mini-quizzes
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Campaign Description
Calendar Quiz is a quizzing contest that allows the user to create trivia-style questions that will only display for one day at a time (or less if the user chooses). Fans are able to return to the same campaign day after day to enter new questions for more chances to win! Predetermine the answers in a "question - answer" style trivia, or allow fans to predict stats for any given sporting event using the "number-wheel scale". Calendar Quiz can be used day after day or set up to only display questions on any given day of the week, Trivia Tuesdays for example.
  • Gain return traffic to your page as fans come back day after day to enter the daily questions.
  • Provide immediate feedback on Correct/Incorrect answers or invite users to return to check the correct answers after the stats have been updated.
  • Partner with sponsors to give away daily prizes and gain extra attention to your campaign

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