Easily organize and schedule a multi-part campaign for your fans.
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Campaign Description
Bundle is a mobile-friendly, interactive “container” for multiple campaigns. Organized into a calendar-like frame, you can schedule multiple campaigns into one Bundle that unlock at predefined times and dates. Countdowns, advent calendars and “choose your own adventure” type campaigns use Bundle as a simple way to segment fans based on which campaigns they choose. Bundle also boosts return visits as fans revisit one familiar link to discover your new campaigns.
  • Organize and schedule a multi-component campaign into a simple, interactive group
  • Craft an advent calendar that automatically unlocks new items for your fans each day
  • Segment your fans into categories by providing multiple points to choose from

Real Life Example:
Diva Cup - 12 Days of Diva
Diva entertained their fans and generated awareness for their product for the holidays by creating an advent calendar. They unlocked a new contest every day for 12 days leading up to Christmas, rewarding fans that came back again and again.



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