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Create conversation on your website

Build community on your blog, website or mobile app with a customizable, easy-to-embed comments widget.

Turn brand content into a two-way conversation

Engage your fans in genuine discussions on your owned and earned content. Track fan comments across web pages and campaigns.

Installing Comments is easy. No coding required. Just copy and paste your unique widget into your website or blog and you're ready to go.

Supported Connection Networks:

Email Login

Connect with commenters on every social network

Let your fans express their opinions, no matter which social network they prefer to use.

  • One-click social login removes barriers to engagement
  • Discover which networks your audience prefers
  • No account setup required or passwords to remember

Collect commenter profiles

Gather demographic, psychographic and contact information from your commenters with explicit login.

Easily view a commenter's contributions across all campaigns and web pages from a single profile.

  • Tag commenters based on behaviour, threads and more
  • Explicitly gain permission to email your commenters
  • Discover and advertise to commenters' friends networks

Control the conversation with easy mobile moderation

Rely on automatic troll filtration that guarantees only positive, relevant comments. Manually moderate cross-network comments on any mobile device.

Tradable Bits' incredibly efficient and easy-to-use platform has taken so much work off of my plate.
- Bryan Van Balen, Washington Redskins

Developers Love Our Login Too

Unlimited Threads

We'll never charge you extra for succeeding on our platform. Create as many conversations on as many web pages and campaigns as you'd like.

Supported on All Devices

Our user-friendly Comments plugin works on Android, iOS, mobile, desktop, e-commerce, blogs and any of our engagement campaigns.

Custom Developer Tools

Fully customize your Comments with our fully documented API and SDK. Control the look of your threads, login and authentication with CSS.

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