Engage Your Audience

Go beyond collecting emails and discover the people behind your fan profiles. Create fun and effortless experiences that invite your fans to connect directly with your brand.

Aggregate the fan data you've earned across ticketing, social media, user-generated content and third-party CRM systems to compile a complete customer view.

How to Collect Fan Data

Engagement Campaigns
Generate leads with easy-to-configure, cutting-edge contests, quizzes and landing pages powered with social login. Learn more about your fans every time they engage with your brand.
Key Features
  • 30+ pre-built templates
  • Completely customizable
  • Optimized for mobile web
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Social Login
Connect with your fans in one effortless click. Establish a live connection with your fans so your contact, affinity and demographic information update as your fans change.
Key Features
  • Facebook, Spotify + 5 more networks
  • Fully branded authentication
  • Custom permissions for likes + more
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UGC Aggregator
Collect, sort and store user-generated content from every major social network into one dynamic social Stream. Automatically moderate with our smart rules engine.
Key Features
  • 15+ collection networks
  • Customizable displays
  • Automated filtration
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Know Your Fans

Compile every fan interaction into unified fan profiles to create complete customer views for every fan. Analyze your fan data to determine affinity towards brands, artists and related artists.

Generate real-time segments of your audience based on behaviour, demographics and affinity. Create dynamic reports on ROI, attribution and audience insights and easily share them via links.

How to Get Fan Insights

Consolidate all of your fan data into a unified CRM to reveal a complete customer view for every fan. Rank fans in real time to find your most relevant top influencers.
Key Features
  • Five-star fan ranking algorithm
  • Real-time audience segments
  • Cross-platform profile matching
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Fan Affinity
Collect, understand and analyze your fans' affinity to artists, brands and athletes. Personalize your content and discover new audiences ready to love your brand.
Key Features
  • Integrated with Spotify
  • Data-backed related artists
  • Fan affinity algorithm
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Quantify sales attribution for any link you share on any platform. Understand who visits your website, where they come from and what they eventually buy from you.
Key Features
  • Branded link shortener
  • Cross-network attribution
  • Tag fans by webpage visits
Easily navigate big ticketing data with simple and fast analytics. Discover actionable insights about who purchases tickets to your events to improve your ad targeting.
Key Features
  • Actionable ticketbuyer insights
  • Automatic data matching
  • Rules for easy cleanup

Activate Fan Data

Go beyond pretty pie charts and put your data to work. Personalize your ads, emails, website, app and fan experience using the fan data you’ve collected on our platform.

Improve your digital ad ROI by targeting the perfect audience with a personalized message at the ideal time. Track exact attribution - even for multi-channel campaigns.

How to Market Smarter

Ads Platform
Reach top fans and people like them with targeted ads on Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, TikTok, Snapchat and Display. Improve ROI by integrating tickets and audiences.
Key Features
  • Every major advertising network
  • Real time audience segmentation
  • Exact ROI and multi-channel attribution
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You own your data. Push and pull fan data into your data warehouse through our open API. Automate your email marketing by integrating Fan CRM with your email provider.
Key Features
  • Fully documented, open, flexible API
  • Supports every major email provider
  • Supports every major enterprise CRM
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On-Site Experiences
Engage fans at your live events with personalized, data-powered on-site activations like social login for WiFi, jumbotron AI filters and UGC towers.
Key Features
  • Schedule personalizer
  • Wristband RFID activations
  • Fan engagement towers
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