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Personalize Your Fan Experience

Improve your ROI with rich fan affinity, hyper-targeted ads and data-backed sponsorships.
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Engagement Campaigns
Collect complete fan profiles as your fans enter fun and easy-to-configure contests, quizzes and sponsorship activations. No coding required.
UGC Collection + Display
See what fans say about you on every major social network all in one unified Stream. Automatically categorize and moderate posts to display at events.
Compile all your fan data into one integrated CRM for a precise picture of every fan. Rank and segment fans in real time to perfect your targeting.
Fan Affinity
Collect, understand and analyze fan interest data to quantify their affinity to artists, brands and athletes. personalize your content to current fan interests.
Five-Star Fan Algorithm
Rank your fans against each other in real time to discover the most influential, valuable and engaged fans in your cross-platform database of contacts.
Social Ads
Sell more tickets with hyper-targeted ads on every major platform. Quantify exact ROI, optimize your targeting and track offline conversions in real time.
Automate your email marketing, personalize your app and website, or make your big data current with live fan data. You own it all with our open API.
Custom Build
Create custom schedules, activations and visualizations for your event. Personalize your website and engage fans with interactive displays.

Case Study: Lollapalooza 2018

Find and Convert Leads for Premium Tickets
Lollapalooza is legendary among music festivals for selling out of GA tickets just moments after they’re released. However, that doesn’t stop them from seeking other ways to serve their passionate fans. The “Lolla” team crafts elevated VIP experiences for fans looking for a more luxurious festival - or just for those who missed out on GA and still want to go. Hoping to avoid the typical sales agent approach, they wondered if they could sell VIP experiences - with matching premium prices - with effective digital ads. Their team needed to find the right audience and reach them with the right ad creative that would drive fans to spend $1000+ right away on a premium package. Could sales this considerable be closed without a call?
Hyper-Targeted Ads Powered by Fan Data
First, the Lolla team got to know their fans. They unified data from their website, ticket sales history, engagement campaigns and social login to create full profiles for each of their fans. This helped them segment their audience based on demographics, psychographics and their affinity to given artists. Armed with this knowledge, the Lolla team went far beyond just household income targeting for VIP ads. They promoted creatively designed social posts that spoke to individual fans’ music tastes, friend networks, psychographics and finances. The VIP experience was always at the forefront of ad creative - forgoing the typical “Buy Now” ticket sale copy for captivating videos and Canvas ads that helped fans imagine themselves as VIP. This method helped the Lolla team reach 869K+ quality leads with relevant stories, resulting in 15x ROAS. Fans loved their ads so much that they shared and commented on them, resulting in a 40% social lift, which lowered their CPA, CPC and CPM.
Emily Harenza
AC Entertainment (Bonnaroo)

"Knowing our fans and showing we care by always working towards better audiences and more relevant ads not only set us apart from the competition - it resulted in digital ads that performed better that we could've ever expected."
Emily Kessler
Okeechobee Music + Arts Festival

"If fans are listening to an artist on Spotify, we know they love them. The affinity data we collected with this simple yet effective campaign helps us serve our fans more relevant ads and emails."

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