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Automate your influencer marketing

Identify, manage and track the impact of influencers your fans love. Build authority and sell more with authentic influencer campaigns.

Find and foster the right influencers for your fans

Connecting with influencers your fans already love is the easiest way to sell more with authority and authenticity. But where do you start?

Our complete Influencer Relationship Management system identifies ideal influencers, facilitates content exchange and tracks their impact in real time.


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Identify influencers your fans already love

Idols Lookup finds artists, players and brands your fans love using real-time interest data.

  • Discover who your fans like on Facebook, follow on Twitter or listen to on Spotify
  • Reveal other influencers related to your Idols using our Artist Affinity Algorithm
  • Verify the popularity of particular stars or sponsors among your fan profiles

Manage sponsored social posts

Simplify and automate the process for influencers posting to social on your behalf

  • Post to influencers’ pages (with their approval) without requiring administrator access
  • Maintain control over the graphics, copy, traceable link and schedule of dark posts
  • Quantify ROI by tracking real-time analytics for social posts on influencer pages

Measure influence in real time

Track the effectiveness of your influencers and your collaborative campaigns

  • Prove the value of your audience to prospective sponsors with Idols Reports
  • Map social mentions of your influencers over time to identify trending regions
  • Use real-time fan data to inform decisions about artist tours or event locations

Improve social ad targeting with artist affinity

Refine or strategically expand social ad audiences based on who your fans like, what they listen to and who they’re talking about now.

Our goal was to sell thousands of tickets, learn what our optimum spend per day would be, and learn what segments were most effective. We achieved all three with Tradable Bits social ads.
- Emily Young, C3 Presents (Voodoo Festival)

Automated Influencer Marketing System

Idol Lookup

Search for artists, players and brands your fans like on Facebook, follow on Twitter and listen to on Spotify just by typing their name. Discover actionable insights about influencers your fans already trust.

Buzz Meter

Track social mentions about a particular artist, player or brand over time in a particular region. Chart real-time changes in fan interest to establish trending and upcoming influencers relevant to your target.

Sponsored Posts

Propose posts for influencers to publish without requiring administrator access to their page. Boost organic posts on their page without access to their ad account. Simplify the exchange while maintaining control over your content.

Artist Affinity Algorithm

Discover artists related to the artists your fans love using a combination of Spotify’s listening algorithm and our proprietary Artist Affinity Algorithm. Refine or expand your social ad targeting using this insight for better results.

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