Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Filling Stadium Stands with Friends of Fans


Leveraging the social networks of their loyal ticket buyers, Vancouver Whitecaps FC expanded their reach with microtargeted Facebook ads to the friends of 'Caps fans, earning nine times more sales per ad dollar spent.


Conversion Rate
Ad clicks who bought tickets


Ad Engagement Rate
Fans who clicked also liked,
shared or commented on the ad.


Return on Ad Investment
Sales dollars per ad dollar spent

Tradable Bits helps us build our Whitecaps fan community - but most importantly, it brings new fans to our games.

Adam Rootman

Digital Manager, Whitecaps FC


Everyone Attends Games with Friends

Sports events are inherently social occasions. No one wants to attend a game alone! The Vancouver Whitecaps FC knows their loyal fans will buy game tickets, but what about their friends? They needed a way to reach the social networks of their most loyal ticket buyers, so they could invite the sports-loving friends of fans to join their 'Caps buddies at a live match.


Reach New Friends as Fans Buy Tickets

Taking advantage of social influence, the Whitecaps FC hoped to sell more tickets to loyal fans and their friends. They aimed to save ad spend and optimize their return on investment by only reaching qualified leads and automatically updating their ad audience as fans converted.


Microtarget Facebook Ads to Live Leads

After an entire season of massively successful engagement campaigns, the Whitecaps FC had over ten thousand contact profiles of loyal fans in their Ticketmaster-integrated Fan CRM. They easily segmented them into audiences of their most influential buyers, which automatically updated as new fans bought. Creating Facebook Lookalike audiences from these valuable groups, they further refined their scope to those with a shared connection with a ticket buyer, an interest in sports or a previous engagement in a Whitecaps campaign. This optimized audience paired with already-tested creative resulted in doubled click through rates, tons of engagement on the ad and nine times return on investment.



Connecting Fans with Viral Holiday e-Card

To get fans in the Christmas spirit, the Vancouver Canucks launched a hilariously sharable eCard campaign that earned them over 11,000 organic impressions and 2,300 full, verified fan profiles.



Scoring New Fans with Fun Engagement

By playfully encouraging a little healthy competition among their fans during the FIFA World Cup, Vancouver Whitecaps FC got introduced to 2,300,000+ new fans they can now target for sales.


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