Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Scoring New Fans with Fun Engagement


By playfully encouraging a little healthy competition among their fans during the FIFA World Cup, Vancouver Whitecaps FC got introduced to 2,300,000+ new fans they can now target for sales.


Potential New Fans Safely Ready to Target


Organic Amplification Rate New Fans Reached per Voter


Avg. Interactions Per Fan Return Participants

Tradable Bits helps us bring our engagement campaign ideas to life. If we can dream it, we know they can build it. Their marketing technology helps us build our Whitecaps community and brings new fans to our games.

Adam Rootman

Digital Manager, Whitecaps FC


Leverage FIFA World Cup Excitement

Combining gamification and social media marketing, the Vancouver Whitecaps FC is constantly looking for creative ways to interact with their existing fans so they can learn more about them and get introduced to their friends. The FIFA World Cup presented the perfect opportunity to leverage the massive amount of organic engagement generated by avid soccer fans around the world and in the Whitecaps territory of Vancouver, BC.


Reveal the Avid Football Fans

The digital marketing team at Whitecaps FC wanted to generate quality leads through fun, barrier-free engagement so they could later retarget them in ads and emails, thus getting more fans in the stands at their games.


Win-Win-Win for Fans, Team & Sponsors

Partnering with Adidas, Whitecaps FC launched their “Pup Predictor” campaign where fans guessed the outcome of every FIFA match and competed against the adorable puppy Obi for a chance at a free trip to Germany. When fans interacted with the Tug of War app, Whitecaps FC gained access to their contact information and immediately sent an email welcoming them and inviting them to purchase tickets. With the thousands of new and returning fans they collected, they can now reach over 2.3M friends of their true fans.



Curating Active and Lasting Communities

Lululemon SeaWheeze 2014 inspired 30% more conversations on social media than 2013 by bridging online and offline communities in real time with curated fan content displays.



Curating Community to Unite Cyclists

By showcasing cyclists and their fans on social displays, GranFondo amplified the race reach six times. Over 280K watched the excitement on their website at home.


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