Marianas Trench

Counting Down to Single Launch with Super Fans


By creating a “12 Days of Trenchmas” advent calendar for their fans, Marianas Trench of 604 Records generated enough hype during Christmas for their single to top music charts.


on Apple iTunes
on day of launch


segmented fan profiles
for future retargeting


visitors to the calendar aware of the single launch

The fans were so engaged online! The Christmas Countdown advent calendar was the perfect way to ramp up our single release!

Matt Webb

Marianas Trench Guitarist


Break Through the Holiday Buzz

Late December is a difficult time to reach anyone online - especially if you’re trying to sell. With their new (not holiday-related) single launching on Christmas Day, Marianas Trench of 604 Records had to be extra creative to get the word out to their fans about the track.


Promote Release with Super Fan Excitement

Marianas Trench has a vocal cohort of super fans that will do anything for the band. 604 Records needed to create opportunities for these hardcore fans to spread awareness about the single release to their networks. They needed to ensure old and new fans alike were aware of the upcoming launch and ready to buy the track on Christmas morning.


Countdown to Christmas Calendar

604 Records created an interactive advent calendar of digital delights for Marianas Trench fans that encouraged them to return daily and share what they found with their friends. Leveraging their super fans, they reached thousands of new fans on each of the twelve days leading up to the launch. Over 3,000 fans engaged with the calendar - downloading recipe books, sharing personalized eCards, voting on videos and posting to every major social network to enter contests. Branded social logins revealed contact information, location and interests for Marianas Trench super fans and new fans alike as they participated. Not only did the calendar boost engagement on all of Marianas Trench social channels - their newest video earned massive views and shares immediately - but when the single finally launched, it instantly topped Spotify and iTunes charts despite it being a non-festive song on Christmas day



Harnessing Social Media Love for Good

LUSH Cosmetics inspired thousands to support LGBTQ+ rights during the Sochi 2014 Olympics with their #SignOfLove Stream. Fueling All Out’s petition campaign with social, LUSH activated their loyal LUSHie fans to make a real impact.


Paige Morgan

Spinning Gold from Album Launch Posts

By showcasing the best fan posts from Paige Morgan’s ALL GOLD album launch party on big venue screens, 604 Records encouraged influential attendees to post about the soirée on social, generating major album awareness.


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