Harnessing Social Media Love for Good


LUSH Cosmetics inspired thousands to support LGBTQ+ rights during the Sochi 2014 Olympics with their #SignOfLove Stream. Fueling All Out’s petition campaign with social, LUSH activated their loyal LUSHie fans to make a real impact.


LUSH stores worldwide decorated with #SignOfLove


Supporting posts from fans on all social networks


Petition signatures forced political action

Stream was the center point of our landing page for #SignOfLove, which let LUSHies see how others were interacting with the campaign. We received so many amazing contributions - it looked so good!

Laura Grafton

Social Media Strategist, Lush North America


Champion Everyone’s Right to Love

LUSH cosmetics has an avidly active community. The LUSH social team partnered with All Out and channeled their LUSHies’ love into protecting the rights of the LGBTQ community in Sochi during the 2014 Olympics. By inspiring their fans to profess their support through social posts, LUSH hoped to compile a photo-book petition to the Russian government.


Inspire Collective Action on Valentine’s Day

LUSH hoped to encourage their massive, passionate fan base to express their support for everyone’s right to love. They would then use their fans’ powerful voice to drive real political action in Sochi, where many people in the LGBTQ community were suffering.


Showcase Community Support for LGBTQ+

By putting their fans and their photos in the spotlight on their website, LUSH cosmetics encouraged thousands of supporters to post to Twitter and Instagram with #SignOfLove. Reaching millions worldwide with their campaign and physical storefronts decorated with #SignOfLove messaging, LUSH and All Out achieved their goal of forcing the International Olympic Committee to confirm that Principle 6 (an non-discrimination clause in the Olympic charter) includes sexual orientation. The thousands of social posts LUSH collected served as a visual representation of the power of community bound by a common cause.



Raising Awareness for Mental Health

Clara’s Big Ride inspired over 18M storytellers, representing 53% of the Canadian population, to support the goal of ending the stigma around mental illness by sharing their experiences.



Curating Active and Lasting Communities

Lululemon SeaWheeze 2014 inspired 30% more conversations on social media than 2013 by bridging online and offline communities in real time with curated fan content displays.


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