GranFondo Canada

Curating Community to Unite Cyclists


By showcasing cyclists and their fans on social displays, GranFondo amplified the race reach six times. Over 280K watched the excitement on their website at home.


Viewers of Stream on web and mobile


#TheFondo Posts by 11,000 fans


Cyclists in the Race at Whistler & Banff

Stream not only allowed us to engage and excite influencers in the cycling community, but allowed us to channel complaints away from social media into customer service emails.

Lindsay Carswell

GranFondo Canada


Join the Social Media Peloton

Like cycling, social media influences, engages and invites more people to get involved. The strongest deciding factor for people committing to participating in this incredible event is their friends. GranFondo wanted to create a peloton on social media that people felt compelled to join. They hoped to engage everyone from strangers to cycling celebrities whose endorsements would encourage even more participants next year.


Push the Race Farther

GranFondo’s number one objective for 2014 was to get more people to participate in the event. Whether that was by cycling, being a cheerleader on the sidelines or posting to social media, they wanted to spread awareness for the race and increase engagement.


Capture Special Cycling Moments

GranFondo Whistler and Banff encouraged people on the fence to share their thoughts and favourite GranFondo moments by showcasing their participants on social streams. Creating a virtual peloton with aggregated social content, they compelled over six times more people to join in the conversation than actual participants at the event. Even from home, people could be part of the race by posting to Twitter & Instagram with #TheFondo. The vibe was so positive that any complaints or FAQs funnelled themselves into their customer support system rather than taking to Twitter and Facebook, as in previous years.



Raising Awareness for Mental Health

Clara’s Big Ride inspired over 18M storytellers, representing 53% of the Canadian population, to support the goal of ending the stigma around mental illness by sharing their experiences.



Curating Active and Lasting Communities

Lululemon SeaWheeze 2014 inspired 30% more conversations on social media than 2013 by bridging online and offline communities in real time with curated fan content displays.


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