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Connecting Fans to Dream Destinations


In preparation for vacation season, Flight Centre engaged fans with a fun Tug of War campaign that collected fan information and segmented their clients by travel preference.


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Tug of War was such an easy way to segment our existing customers and learn new things about people just joining our database. It's so simple for fans to participate and really quick for us to configure & launch.


Content Marketing Manager


Connect with Flight Centre Community

With summer winding down, Flight Centre knew their community would already be dreaming of their winter vacations. To stay top of mind in a highly competitive market, they needed to engage fans and find out more about their personal travel preferences. This would allow them to market more effectively to fans and start conversations about their common love of travel.


Segment Passengers by Dream Vacation

Flight Centre narrowed their holiday destinations into two categories - beach fun and city fun. As part of a larger campaign with Westjet Vacations, their team then asked fans to vote for their preference in a cross-platform, mobile-friendly Tug of War. Thousands of new and existing customers expressed their opinion, and started a conversation with the brand about their personal travel preference. Their Facebook fan profiles were automatically segmented into groups - preference to beach vacations vs. city trips - giving Flight Centre the perfect tool for effective Facebook and email campaigns advertising their upcoming winter vacations. And since no one likes to travel alone, Flight Centre also earned the ability to reach their friends.

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