Blenz Coffee

Steeping New Products with Fan Favourites


Blenz Coffee spread organic awareness and boosted sales for their new drink line with a visual voting contest, earning them thousands of email subscribers in segmented lists by favourite product.


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We couldn't have achieved the same social engagement and awareness around our new product line without Tradable Bits. I attribute a large amount of the Steamed Juice Tea's social media success to the platform and the support we received from them.

Janelle Saccucci

Digital Communications / Marketing Coordinator, Blenz Coffee


Create Awareness for Steamed Juice Teas

Excited about their new product line launch, the social media team at Blenz Coffee wanted to generate awareness about Steamed Juice Teas and encourage fans to try them out. Coffee connoisseurs can be picky and hesitant to try new things, so Blenz had to get creative.


Fan Favourites Visual Voting Contest

Blenz Coffee engaged their loyal fan base with a cross-network Photo Poll, where fans could vote for their favourite Steamed Juice Tea combination. This incentivized Blenz fans to try the new drink line in store and vote for their top choice online for a chance to win a huge tea package and the honour of choosing which drink to launch in Japan. As fans voted, they explicitly authorized Blenz to contact them by email and were added to Fan CRM, which sorted them into email lists by the product they selected. Now Blenz has hundreds of new confirmed members in their Friends of Blenz email club that they can reach with targeted emails and ads that speak to their unique product preferences, not just their love for coffee.



Harnessing Social Media Love for Good

LUSH Cosmetics inspired thousands to support LGBTQ+ rights during the Sochi 2014 Olympics with their #SignOfLove Stream. Fueling All Out’s petition campaign with social, LUSH activated their loyal LUSHie fans to make a real impact.



Curating Active and Lasting Communities

Lululemon SeaWheeze 2014 inspired 30% more conversations on social media than 2013 by bridging online and offline communities in real time with curated fan content displays.


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