Best Buy

Forming Fond Memories with Product Stories


By encouraging customers to share their "best memories" involving Best Buy products, the retailer crowdsourced thousands of authentic, emotional testimonials while boosting positive awareness for their brand.


Potential Reach Friends of Fans to Target


Authentic Product Stories Best Buy Can Repurpose

We were very impressed with the quality of photos that fans shared with us. We received intimate moments from the birth of a child to their wedding day and graduation.

Rebecca McInnes

Digital Marketing Specialist


Unite Best Buy’s Customer Community

Best Buy wanted to reinvigorate the brand post consolidation by showing what it feels like to be a Best Buy customer. Veering from their usual comedic style, Best Buy was looking for a way to inspire customers to share heartfelt experiences online. Not only would this boost brand awareness, but it would also evoke emotion and foster brand loyalty by reinforcing personal relationships their customers have with the brand and the products they provide.


Curate Authentic Brand Memories

Incentivized with a shopping spree, Best Buy customers flooded to their custom microsite to upload their most previous Best Buy memories. The more memories fans submitted, the bigger the prize became. Not only could customers participate on the website, they could also submit right through their favourite social network. Best Buy collected over 5000 authentic memories of customer weddings, births, graduations and other special occasions - reaching over a million potential customers through organic fan stories.


Surprise + Delight Top Customers

Wowed by the emotional quality of the memory submissions, Best Buy surprised the fans that really made an impression on their team with gift packages. For example, one lucky little boy received a Star Wars prize pack for his adorable "First Time Watching Star Wars" entry. Fans took notice and Best Buy received tons of positive engagement in response.



Steeping New Products with Fan Favourites

Blenz Coffee spread organic awareness and boosted sales for their new drink line with a visual voting contest, earning them thousands of email subscribers in segmented lists by favourite product.



Harnessing Social Media Love for Good

LUSH Cosmetics inspired thousands to support LGBTQ+ rights during the Sochi 2014 Olympics with their #SignOfLove Stream. Fueling All Out’s petition campaign with social, LUSH activated their loyal LUSHie fans to make a real impact.


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