Paige Morgan

Spinning Gold from Album Launch Posts


By showcasing the best fan posts from Paige Morgan’s ALL GOLD album launch party on big venue screens, 604 Records encouraged influential attendees to post about the soirée on social, generating major album awareness.


Sold Out Launch Event
for Paige’s first album


Music Influencer Posts
about her and her album


New Listeners Reached through influencer posts

Putting Stream on centre stage allows industry professionals to see Paige has a loyal following.

Kyra Wittkopf

604 Records Project Manager


Social Media Midas Touch

Launching your first full album is a magical moment in any artist’s career. Paige Morgan was already making sparks with her moving live performances and stunning diva charm. 604 Records knew her launch party would draw stars and music industry influencers alike, but needed a way to transform this beautiful buzz into sales of her new debut record.


Earn Praise from Influential Guests

The intimate, luxurious event sold every VIP and general entry ticket to Vancouver’s most elite crowd of socialites, industry leaders and media influencers. 604 Records wanted to capture this in-person support for Paige’s music and showcase it to thousands of potential fans and industry supporters on social media, long after the prestigious party was over.


Live Social Stream of the Soirée

604 Records immortalized the swanky soirée by collecting every photo and commentary guests posted during the party from every public social network with Stream. The event was built to be shareable - from its stunning decor and decadent culinary delights to live dance and music performances. Capturing attendees’ social media excitement and immediately displaying it back to the audience in real-time on massive screens throughout the venue encouraged even more people to post. Hundreds of stunning photos now live forever as authentic testimonial on Paige Morgan’s website for media, scouts and fans.



Harnessing Social Media Love for Good

LUSH Cosmetics inspired thousands to support LGBTQ+ rights during the Sochi 2014 Olympics with their #SignOfLove Stream. Fueling All Out’s petition campaign with social, LUSH activated their loyal LUSHie fans to make a real impact.


Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Filling Stadium Stands with Friends of Fans

Leveraging the social networks of their loyal ticket buyers, Vancouver Whitecaps FC expanded their reach with microtargeted Facebook ads to the friends of 'Caps fans, earning nine times more sales per ad dollar spent.


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