Case Study: Local Public Eatery (Engine Digital)

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15 Jun 2016

Tradable Bits Weekly Wow Case Study Local Public Eatery Stream


9 DYNAMIC, INTERACTIVE SOCIAL HOMEPAGES that give potential customers an authentic, real-time taste of what it's like to experience the food, atmosphere and service at Local Public Eatery.

Local Public Eatery Social Stream


Local Public Eatery is a laidback pub with gourmet food with locations all across North America. We even have one in the heart of Kitsilano in our hometown, Vancouver, BC! They're passionate about great food, craft beer and their comfortable atmosphere.


As gorgeous as professional food photos can be, Local Public Eatery knew that social media content packs so much more authority when fans are deciding where to eat. They wanted a creative way of showing potential customers what the Local experience had to offer, while boosting their website SEO in a highly competitive market.

Local Public Eatery Social Stream Post View


First, Local Public Eatery collected all mentions of their restaurant across all social networks with Stream. After amassing all these stories, they sorted out the highlights and automatically labelled them. With the help of Engine Digital and the Tradable Bits API, they pulled this content in real-time from their Stream and displayed it as an interactive background of their website. Not only did this provide an SEO boost to their site because it's constantly updated with new content every hour, it also directed more fans to their social media posts. When potential customers land on their website, they immediately see exactly what it's like to experience their pub, food and social atmosphere - all from the authentic perspective of real fans.

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