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396,500+ new potential customers earned by Luvo Inc via their fun monthly quizzes that not only engage fans, but also educate their audience about nutrition. One particularly successful quiz was their "Gluten Intolerance" quiz below.

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Luvo Inc. is a frozen food manufacturer that helps their customers make smart choices, easier by providing food that is delicious, nutritious and from a good place. They're famous for their keen attention to quality and dedication to accessible, accurate nutrition advice.


In the spirit of nutritional education, Luvo Inc. was looking for a fun way to inform current and propsective fans about the nitty gritty details of gluten intolerance and other nutritional controversies. This project not only aimed to generate a list of leads interested in gluten-free options; it would help Luvo further position their brand as a science-backed expert in nutrition around a topic often wrought with misinformation.

Gluten Free Quiz Embedded on Luvo Inc Blog by Tradable Bits


Luvo crafted a 10-question "Free Gluten" quiz with answers to all of the hottest gluten-related inquiries for fans and their friends to test their knowledge. (Since then they've launched monthly quizzes, each with a new nutritional theme.) Embedded in their blog, this beautifully designed and simple to use quiz served as a fun, mobile-friendly way for their fans to learn more about gluten intolerance and gluten-free products. After receiving their results, fans could share what they'd learned with their friends and challenge them to take the quiz. This not only helped Luvo position themselves as an expert in the space by spreading accurate information about gluten intolerance; it generated a list of gluten-free (or at least gluten curious) leads for future ad and email campaigns.

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