Case Study: Theatre Under the Stars Cover Photos (Laura Murray PR)

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17 May 2016

Tradable Bits Cover Photo Campaign: Laura Murrary PR and Theatre Under the Stars


10 WOW-WORTHY, gorgeous graphical Cover Photos for theatre fans to upload as their own. These beautiful designs are impossible to ignore and oh so shareable!

Cover Photo for Theatre Under the Stars powered by Tradable Bits Cover Photo campaign


Laura Murray PR helps their clients in the arts and creative industries connect with their fans through forward-thinking marketing. Theatre Under the Stars (TUTS) is one such client that has entertained audiences through outdoor musical theatre productions for decades. Their Digital and Creative Coordinator, Kyra is responsible finding innovative ways to generate awareness online for TUTS and their 2016 season.

Kyra Wittkopf Laura Murray PR


Kyra and her team at Laura Murray PR wanted to generate awareness for TUTS by empowering fans to share the word about upcoming shows among their friends.

Laura Murray PR Theatre Under the Stars 2016 Cover Photo Campaign powered by Tradable Bits


Kyra designed beautiful conceptual graphics for each of the upcoming TUTS shows and asked fans to choose their favourite and upload it as their cover photo to help promote the production. With tons of gorgeous graphics to choose from, fans could find one they loved and upload it in just a few clicks. Since Cover Photo updates rank so highly in Facebook News Feed, this resulted in huge organic awareness for TUTS in mere hours. Kyra even customized the text description of the Cover Photos, so friends of fans could find information about showtimes, tickets and more right from their friends’ profile.

Laura Murray PR Theatre Under the Stars Cover Photo Campaign powered by Tradable Bits Cover Photo app

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